Ryan Shorthouse of Bright Blue joins Steve, Akash and Martin to catch up on the election and discuss the state liberal conservatism in the Tory party.

Renewing the Centre

Martin and Steve talk to Ian Mulheirn, Executive Director for Renewing the Centre at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. We discuss what it me...View Details

Paula Surridge of the University of Bristol joins us to discuss political homelessness,  the liberal-authoritarian divide and more. Our regular, and c...View Details

Martin, Akash and Steve talk about Boris Johnson's decision to suspend Parliament and the reaction to it. We also discuss the upcoming Spending Review...View Details

Martin, Akash and Steve disscus the first few weeks of Boris as PM, the constitutional questions around a no deal brexit and the end of austeriy polit...View Details

With leadership votes coming in thick and fast Martin, Akash and Steve talk about the Tory leadership election, and they catch up on the Libdem leader...View Details

Martin, Akash and Steve discuss the fallout from the 2019 EU elections, and what it means to be a centrist in 2019.

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