Elliott Goat of Undivided and Unhack joins us to discuss democracy and polarisation

We welcome host of the Mid Atlantic pod Roifield Brown back to the show, to discuss the fallout of the US midterm elections and what this means for US...View Details

Historians of the British left, Lise and Colm, join Steve and Martin to talk about New Labour’s legacy and what current politicians could learn from t...View Details

Libdem president Mark Pack joins Steve to discuss his new book on the opinion polls and touch on the mood within the Libdems. 

Martin is joined by Bim Afolami MP in his office in Parliament to discuss One Nation Conservatism and the Conservative leadership race. This podcast w...View Details

Pollster Keiran Pedley joins us to explore polling on the political centre ground

In this episode we are joined by Martin Wolf, Chief Economics Commentator at the Financial Times, to discuss Gaitskell, Social Democracy and how well ...View Details

Cllr and former MEP Robert Evans joins the podcast to discuss the frontline of the political realignment, what it is like to be a Labour Councillor in...View Details

Polly Mackenzie CE of the think tank Demos and former adviser to Nick Clegg joins the podcast to talk about their work on participative policy making,...View Details

David Taylor co-founder of the Labour Campaign for International Development joins the podcast to talk about the situation in Ukraine, wider issues in...View Details

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