Former DFID Special Adviser Laura Round joins Martin and Steve to discuss the thinking behind the merger of DFID and the Foreign Office and what Globa...View Details

Martin and Steve welcome Sunder Katwala, Director of British Future, to discuss the debate about British history in the wake of the BLM protests, and ...View Details

Martin and Steve welcome Roifield Brown back to the podcast to discuss the Black Lives Matter protests in the UK and US, the prospect of police reform...View Details

Former Number 10 pollster James Johnson joins Martin and Steve to discuss changing public views around the lockdown, the Government's performance, Lab...View Details

Lockdown polarisation.

Turi Munthe of the newly founded joins the podcast to reflect on political polarisation since 2016 and how it is starting to play out in th...View Details

Martin and Steve welcome former Labour MP and Cabinet Minister Professor John Denham to talk about patriotism, national identity and how we can create...View Details

Social scientist Dr Cory Clark joins Martin and Steve to explore the psychology behind following the lockdown rules and pandemic virtue signalling. We...View Details

Special guest Roifield Brown, host of the Mid-Atlantic Conversations podcast, joins Martin and Steve to reflect on similarities between US and UK poli...View Details

Martin and Steve catch up (via Skype of course) on the unprecedented week we’ve had. We cover the Government’s response to Covid-19, touch on the publ...View Details

We are joined by special guest Eric Kaufman, Professor of Politics at Birkbeck College, to discuss how the public view immigration and the roots of ou...View Details

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